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Nothing matters more than keeping you, your family, and your livelihood protected. That's a large responsibility.


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No one ever expects bad things to happen to them - it always happens to the other guy. Except when it doesn't.

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  • CCTV monitoring

  • CCTV retrieval

  • Home intrusion systems

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  • Access control systems

  • ​Fire Alarm Systems
  • Fire & Security Monitoring

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At 1 ROLL PROTECTION, we do everything needed to ensure the quality of protection you and your family receive is of the highest caliber. And, because we integrate all of our services, we're able to deduce the most accurate picture of what's happening during a time of high urgency. While we hope you and your family never need to use any of our emergency services, if you do, we assure you that you'll have peace of mind you made the right choice. With more than 25 years in the security business, we know what it takes to protect you and yours.